The Tapestry Condo Tampines City Developments Limited

The Tapestry is another 99-year leasehold private development that was done by City Development Limited known as CDL. During its launch, a total of nine bidders made their bids with the highest bid of S$370.1 million that CDL submitted. Under the plot ratio of 2.8 with a gross floor 654,553 sqft. that was going to be composed of 800 units that will be available for the people who need decent housing in the process. This The Tapestry is going to redefine the looks of residential housing for those who would like to embrace serene environment at the same time having good times with the family members. The Tapestry Condo Tampines is a new development by City Developments Limited.

What are the common facilities about The Tapestry?

Here are the common social facilities:
1. Tampines Hub
Tampines Hub is an integrated community as well as lifestyle hub from the available backgrounds. The hub will offer some of hawkers an opportunity to provide sell some of their outfits for the visitors who will be coming in the area. In addition, it has sport facilities for those who need recreational activities living in the area.
2. Temasek Polytechnic
For those who may want to further their levels of education, Temasek Polytechnic offers short courses that one can take whenever they are living within the area. With the close proximity to the Bedok Reservoir and Tapestry CDL, the residents will always save time whenever they are living in the area.
3. Tapestry Tampines Avenue 10
With several buses terminals in the area, the residents will always have an easy access to the main CBD from the Tapestry Tampines Avenue 10. With many terminals in the process, you will always have an easy access to the main center of the City whenever they want to live in the area.

What are the shopping malls available at The Tapestry?

These includes:
1. Centuary Square
2. Tampines Mall
3. Tampines One
During your shopping in any of the shopping malls, you will be able to shop there depending on your preference of the place whenever you want to get stuff for yourself.

Which Schools options available at The Tapestry?

The following are the schools:
1. Tamesek Polytechnic
2. United World Class of South East Asia
3. Junyuan Primary and Secondary schools
4. St. Hilda’s Primary and Secondary Schools

The Tapestry will have excellent and modern social amenities of facilities for those family members looking for those who need a place to have some fun. Some of the social amenities includes a clubhouse, a function room, a tennis court, a guardhouse, a swimming pool, playground for kids and indoor gym with BBQ that the family members can enjoy during their stay in the place. The Tapestry will choose from the options of modern bedroom units of 3, 4, or 5 depending the specifications as well as preference of family for those who need to buy them. This means that you can always get the best housing units that you will need whenever you need to stay in this cool neighbourhood.

In summary, when you look at this The Tapestry review, you will know how you can buy your family that residential property for refreshing lifestyle.