Moderation in Building Sims Urban Oasis

In a written response to a question raised during a recent parliamentary session, Minister of National Development, Khaw Boon Wan has stated that operations for 2015’s Build To Order (BTO) would include around 4,000 2 room apartments that would supply the demand being made from low income families and singles. The government plans to launch 4 Build To Order operations during 2015, which will amount to 16,900 units for Sims Urban Oasis.

As a means of boosting the supply of new apartments, HDB plans to conduct SBF (Sale of Balance Flat) operations, which will inject a few thousand units to the market of unsold balance flats.

Building Urban Oasis Sims Drive

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It is Mr. Khaw’s opinion that, due to the yearly estimation of 15,000 new Singaporean family formations, they are quite confident that the supply Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Condo being proposed will be adequate for the supply for Sims Urban Oasis. Also, with the continued moderation of resale prices for sims drive aljunied condo, it is expected that more buyers will come back to the resale market as opposed to waiting for the construction of Build To Order flats.

Sims Condo at Geylang

He further added that HDB flats could not be left empty by the government as a backup supply stock while they await a rise in demand because buffer stock is not cost free.

Even though the city state falling manufacture activity is negatively impacting the general economy, a decrease in home purchase prices could easily trigger a greater threat, Hillhaven Condo as reported by mass media reports.

Sims Urban Oasis Geylang

Mr. Khaw adds that one thing they can do is to attempt to project demand for Sims Urban Oasis as closely as they are able and build ahead of these projections. At this point in time they are more focused on making sure that there is a smooth transition from the run up to a phase that is more sustainable, allowing for the demand and supply of these Build To Order flats gaining better balance.

As of yesterday, government shared Housing and Development Board resale flats were at a cost of about 31% over Build To Order flats in suburban sectors.