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On December 8th a statement was made by SRX Property regarding the increase in residential resale prices for non-landed private properties to 0.6%, in comparison the to previous month.

Price increases were recorded at 3% for the Core Central Region and 1.3% for the Rest of Central Region. However, home located outside of the Central region showed a 0.8% decrease in prices.

According to the price index by SRX for private residential non-landed homes, November saw a drop of 1.3% from this time last year, and which was down 7% from their January 2015 peak for Redhill MRT.

Alexandra View Condo

Now revisions were made to the price index for October of 2015.

Last month saw an estimated 488 non-landed private homes being resold, a figure that is down 2.8% from the previous month. November 2015’s resale volume, year on year, was 31.2% more in comparison to November of 2014, where 372 units had been resold. However, the figure was 76.2% lower than the peek that was seen in April of 2010 where 2,050 units had been resold for Tang Group Condo.

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The overall average Transaction Over X-Value rose to zero last month. The TOX measures whether or not Tang Skyline Alexandra View Condo buyers are underpaying or overpaying based on the properties estimated market value.

The highest average TOX that was posted last month, for districts that had over 10 resale transaction, was District 16 (Bedok and Upper East Coast) at $35,000. What this means is that the bulk of buyers in this area bought units that were over the market value generated by computer.

Tang Group Resale Prices

Amongst the districts that were relatively active, it was District 9 (River Valley, Cairnhill and Orchard) that logged a negative TOX of $70,000. What this means is that the bulk of buyers for these areas made purchases of units that fell below the market value that was generated by computer.