Liang Court Enbloc by CDL Canninghill Piers at Clarke Quay

Liang Court, also known as Clarke Quay, is an old shopping mall located at the vicinity of Clarke Quay. It was once part of mixed-use commercial complex which also contained the popular hotel Clarke Quay. It is now known mainly as a Japanese-owned business center frequented by expatriates. The mall has been completely renovated since its inception and now offers an amazing assortment of second-hand shops, cafes and restaurants. The elegant and historic Novotel Hotel is Singapore’s answer to the High Court, the Singapore marble skyscrapers. In fact, the hotel was built around the High Court’s original footprint, following the great depression in the 1930s. This remarkable feat is the result of many years of painstaking planning by Singapore’s Chingay Group of entrepreneurs. As a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Singapore, the Chingay family has a long history of building impressive buildings that showcase the nation’s culture.

Liang Court is one of the oldest court buildings of Singapore, and that is why this shopping centre has always been a favourite among tourists, business professionals and locals alike. This historic area is home to many beautiful and exotic attractions and history buffs will surely love to shop here. There are several fascinating things to see and explore in and around the area, and even if you are not a history buff or just interested in learning more about Singapore’s history, the tours and various events organised here are worth taking.

If you want to see the history and traces of Singapore’s early days, you should definitely plan to visit during the Great Singapore Sale. The sale is on every Wednesday, and although it is not exactly a huge sale, it does have a big impact on the local economy. On the event itself, there are many interesting activities, including a puppet show by a renowned puppeteer, musical acts and a number of workshops and performances for children and adults. There are also lots of local and international food and drink stalls, which means that dining at one of these places is always fun. Of course, shopping at Liang Court is a must – as well as anything that catches your eye.

The neighbourhood that is most centrally located in the vicinity of the Ion Orchard Road/Crown Road. Here, the most famous landmarks are the Orchard and the Liang Court, both of which were built during the British colonial period. They are just a few blocks from each other, and you can walk directly to the Orchard for fresh fruit and vegetables or take a taxi to get you there. Of course, if you would rather not get all the way out of the CBD, you can always go to Jalan Bintang or Jelamang, which are just a few steps away. Both of these areas are also home to some very interesting museums and heritage attractions, so it should not be too difficult to find a great place to eat while you are in these areas.

Clarke Quay is an old shopping arcade located in the busy middle area of Clarke Quay. The area of Clarke Quay used to be known as Bencoolen near to Canninghill Piers Condo. The mall has been converted into a luxury shopping centre called Liang Court. The mall is open until about 2 PM on Sundays and is well known for its food outlets, arcade games and designer stores. Tourists from London often visit Clarke Quay during weekends to enjoy the mall.

A variety of local and international cuisine can be found here and on this popular shopping and dining destination you will find a number of popular restaurants and bars near to Canninghill Piers. The most popular restaurants located in this area are Bugsy’s Bar, Cappuccino, Dockside Inn and Grill and the Canninghill Hotel & Club. The Dockside Inn and Grill are located within the Dockside Market area while Cappuccino is located next to the Singapore River. A number of international chain restaurants are also located here like Dominos and Marco Polo. The Canninghill Restaurant and Club, though a chain restaurant, is popular for its Italian cuisine.

The area around Canninghill is considered to be a development area as well. There are a number of high rise sky scrapers in the area as well as the erection of a MRT station in the middle of town. There are various other hotels in the area that offer comfortable accommodation at an affordable rate.

A number of high rise sky scrapers can be found in this particular area and there are also a number of hotels that offer accommodation in this area. The Canninghill Apartments is a good example of such a hotel. Here you will get to experience fine accommodation at a reasonable rate and you will also be close to the best attractions in town. All the hotels in this area boast of a number of facilities like swimming pool, gym, game room and a restaurant.

The latest development around Clarke Quay and Liang Court is Canninghill Piers. The developer for Canninghill Piers is City Developments Limited. CDL is a Singaporean leading real estate developer. Established in 1963, CDL initially developed projects in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Singapore. Recently CDL International has expanded into numerous nations all over the world, and is the largest property development company in Asia. The company’s business model is based on providing time-tested, industry recognized construction techniques coupled with state of the art sustainable construction methods, and state-of-the-art engineering services.

The company’s vision is to create sustainable communities by utilizing its experience and skills in sustainable and environmental real estate and community development. The company aims at enhancing the livability and quality of life in the urban environment for all people. In this quest CDL focuses on building condominiums, town homes, and multifamily units in various cities across the globe. CDL focuses on developing new communities by fully leveraging its knowledge and expertise to design the project from the ground up. Throughout each of these projects, the company has made an impact on the surrounding environment while simultaneously generating an income. In addition, CDL develops properties to provide a complete home buying and selling experience to its customers.

What is more, the design of the community will also contribute to the overall character of the city. City Developments Limited also works in partnership with its architects to ensure that each property looks beautiful and is friendly to its surroundings. With respect to each property, the company will create a code of conduct and policies. This way, residents and prospective buyers alike will be able to enjoy the city. City Developments Limited has applied scientific and technological advancements to ensure that the design of each project is both energy efficient and beautiful.

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